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About the Association

Established in accordance with the Law of the People's Republic of China on Lawyers, the Shanghai Bar Association is a legal body of mass organization composed of practicing lawyers in Shanghai and is subject to the guidance and supervision of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Justice. Its main duties and tasks are: to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of lawyers in their practice, to manage the lawyer group, to provide professional training for the members to improve their professional competence; to organize and conduct research on business issues in the legal profession, to provide a platform for the members to share their work experience, to publish "Shanghai Lawyer", "Lawyer Professional Reference (electronic version), and other publications, to provide members with other business information, to organize recreational and sports activities for its members, to promote the social welfare of its members, to organize and implement resolutions of the lawyer’s congress, and to implement the tasks assigned by the National Bar Association and judicial administration organs.

The highest organ of power of the Shanghai Bar Association is

the lawyer’s congress, and its representatives are elected democratically by the members.The lawyer’s congress exercises the following functions and powers:

1. To decide working principles, tasks and other important issues of the Shanghai Bar Association;
2. To elect and dismiss  the  council members of this Association;
3. To review the report on the work and income and expenditure of the council;
4. To formulate and amend the constitution of the Shanghai Bar association. 

When the lawyer’s congress is not in session, the governing organ of the Shanghai Bar Association is the council. The council elects the president and vice presidents, appoints the secretary-general, and exercises its powers and duties. Special committees led by the president and vice presidents are responsible for certain aspects of affairs. As the executive office of the council, the secretariat is responsible for the daily work of the association.

The 11th Council of the Shanghai Bar Association

President: Ji Nuo

Vice Presidents: Zhu Linhai, Chen Feng, Zou Fuwen, Pan Shuhong, Lin Dongpin, Yang Bo, Cao Zhilong, Xu Peilong

The 11th Supervisory Board of the Shanghai Bar Association

Chief Supervisor: Zhang Pengfeng

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