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Chapter 8 The Secretariat
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Article 45 Upon approval of the board of directors, the Bar Association shall set up a secretariat as the administrative office after filing with the competent administrative department for business and the registration administrative authority. The secretariat shall be specifically responsible for the implementation of various resolutions and decisions of the lawyers' representative assembly and the board of directors, and shall undertake the daily work of the Bar Association.

Article 46 The office shall have a secretary-general and several deputy secretaries-general. A secretary-general shall be appointed by and responsible to the board of directors. The deputy secretaries-general shall assist the secretary-general in his work. The secretary-general shall perform the following duties:

(1) to take charge of the daily work of the office;

(II) to organize the implementation of various resolutions of the board of directors;

(III) to draw up plans on the establishment of departments of the office;

(IV) to formulate and implement various internal rules and systems of the office;

(V) to propose the appointment or dismissal of deputy secretaries-general; to engage or dismiss department officers;

(VI) to attend the meeting of the board of directors as a non-voting delegate;

(VII) to complete other work assigned by the board of directors.

Article 47 The full-time staff of the office of the Bar Association shall participate in the on-the- job training organized by the registration administrative authority or competent administrative authority for business, familiarize themselves with and understand laws, regulations and policies concerning social organizations, and strive to improve their professional ability. 

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